Belief and Change

Belief and Change

The thoughts

The world is going to be different now. A lot of the old guard is frightened, and so it should be. The Virus has showed us how fallible we are. I’ve been very quiet this year, and put on weight, and my health has gone to shit. I’ve realised why recently. It not the virus, but the effects on society.

My own happy space has been travel. Its the thing I look forward to, I plan, I debate, I talk about the adventure, the ethics, and what I want to experience on my adventures. It pretty much filled in those lonely hours in between the rest of my life things. The truth of the matter is the world has changed, and it that kind of adventure will have as well. I’m not expecting we will be as open as we once were.

So recently I’m starting to think more internally about how I tick, and it is an ongoing process. I’m not expecting it to be easy, and I’m not expecting it to really end. But it is time I stopped being cranky about it, and start making real change in what I consider to be important to me.

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Adam is a middle aged idiot, who explores the world, and generally gets lost. When I'm not doing that I'm wrangling Splunk and Cyber Security for large enterprises.

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