Throwback 2016: My Cuban Adventure - Vinales

Hiking, Cigars, and a little Salsa added in!


Leaving Havana was a bit weird. I had only really just arrived, and we were off. But what a place we were going to next. I already was exhausted, and had a bit of a funny belly, and was normal from all the airline travel, and bad food. One thing you do need to remember in Cuba is your toilet paper. And as much as its not environmentally friendly, the toilet wipes are you best bet. As finding running water, or a working toilet can be a bit hit and miss.

Vinales is stunning. It’s a valley of farmland, and the main tobacco growing area in Cuba. Because of the lack of money and availability of chemicals due to cost. All Cuban crops are organic. They use a combination of sacrificial plants (ie. plants that insects, and birds like in preference over the crop they want to keep), and other techniques to protect their crops.

First thing off today was a Salsa lesson. I’m a middle aged white man, so dancing is not something that comes naturally, and I was awkward as you would expect me to be. I like dancing, but I’m really not that good at it. I have Diver Dans character from Seachange in my head “it’s all about the wiggle”.

However that little amount of learning, ended up making a pretty amazing night. I went out had a few more rums, and ended up dancing for a few hours with a bunch of locals, and European tourists. It was fun.

The following day we went through a walk through the farmland for most of the day. It was beautiful, and stormy. So ended up very wet, and grinning like an idiot. It’s an amazingly beautiful part of the world. Tonight we went to a farm, and did the whole farm to table experience. The food was incredible. So fresh.

One thing I want to mention is about Avocados. Like seriously, but in Australia I can’t stand the damn things. They are bland. Here in this part of the world, they are sweet, and juicy. What a world of difference between them.

Tonight I went out again, and I was going to have trouble leaving this Valley.

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