Southern Africa - Kruger National Park

Fun and Games amongst the animals

Kruger National Park is the Jewel of the South.

Seriously I was bored. I was sitting at home after losing my job to a re-structure, and sitting at the beach for the 3rd day in a row. So I went home, and then thought, where can I go where I will really like, and be warm.

Southern Africa had been on my radar after doing East Africa. I jumped on Intrepid Travels website, and went to last minute deals, and found a tour that Started and Ended in JoBurg, and took in Kruger, up into Botswana, Vic Falls, and then back again. So here we go again.

Qantas run an old clunker of a 747 to South Africa, and although this one had been upgraded to the skybeds in business class, it was showing it’s age. Flight was extended delayed by 3 hours, and we finally were on our way. I was in the coveted 5F spot, which is a single business class seat with massive storage bins, so you can pretty much empty your carry on into them and have everything right by your side.

Landing late into J’Burg was a nightmare. They only had two customs desks open for what was a full flight. 2 hours later I was out getting my bag, and luckily my driver was there waiting. He’d be watching the delays and had only shown up 30 minutes before I made it out. “I’m a local, I know how bad that airport is”

As I checked in, they said I should call my tour lead to get my briefing. Down came Andie. Our conversation pretty much went like this.

  • General information about the tour
  • Then the safety briefing. About 10 seconds into it, I’m like I’ve travelled through East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, & Tanzania). Big smiles, so you already know what to look out for. Good, I’m going to bed.

So next morning off we went heading north towards Kruger.

First stop was meant to be a look across what was meant to be an amazing valley. However it was foggy as, and we got to see nothing. It was peasoup :(

Then it was on to an amazing river system. It was called ‘Bourkes Luck Potholes’. The geological formations were incredible, and the look of the place just made me want to sit there and watch the water all day. It’s located at the mouth of the Blyde River Canyon, and although we didn’t stay for too long, it’s well and truley worth a visit.

Off we kept going towards Kruger :)

Kruger is amazing. I was so surprised by the abundance of animals, and how quickly we started to see them. I was blown away, and it quickly made me realise that this continent is a second home. Especially with the animals that are a rarity in this world. The park itself is well laid out, and unlike there cousins in East Africa the facilities are much better. The camps are very established, but unlike the Serengeti you are isolated from the Animals at night. One of the stops even had real coffee :D

The highlights for me was how close the animals allowed the trucks get to them. As long as you kept quiet, they generally wouldn’t be too spooked. Unfortunately we had a loud American who’s idea of silent talking was yelling.

My favorite was the Hyena just chilling by the side of the road.

More soon!

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