Throwback 2013: Serengeti National Park

Lions, and Elephants, and Cheetahs oh my!

Serengeti National Park

Do you ever remember those dreams as a kid? Those ones where you get to go off to those exotic places, and get to see the animals of your dreams. When I turned cough 40 I decided it was time to go do that. One of the stops on that tour was the Serengeti.

The park is incredible, and two nights of camping in the park was one of the highlights of the adventure. Just to temper expectations here, it was the dry season, and as such the park is at its quietest. The wildebeests are all in Kenya, and a lot of other animals are scarce on the ground. The ones that do remain make it easy for you as they are all located within close proximity to water sources. Being the dry season these are limited.

So as with all game driving, it takes an experienced spotter to see anything at all. It can be hours of exploring to see not a lot. There is also long times during the the middle of the day where you are just sitting around, but it’s good time to have a shower, and get to know your fellow travellers, and to have a nap under a tree.

One of the must do’s if you have the cash is doing an early morning balloon adventure. Drifting across the park in relative silence and seeing the animals along the main water course, was quite simple incredible.

One story, we were warned to not keep any food in your tent, it has to stay in the truck, or in the kitchen shed. The reason behind that is Hyenas will quite happily bite through the tent to get to food. I got up one morning to relieve myself, and in the distance there were Hyenas. One was heading right towards me, and I froze. My brain was in a battle of “get in the tent, run, get in the tent, run, get in the tent run”. It peeled off at the edge of the tent, and ran in the other direction. Park ranger, and our tour lead came over and told me well done. Holding your ground was the best option. As it was only a single Hyena. I’ve never been so scared in my life.

The last night we built a fire, and sat around telling stories all evening. Soon the rest of the campsite joined in, as we were the only entertainment. The Intrepid Crews stories just filled me full of joy, as you could see the passion in what they do. It was the perfect end to this incredible national park.

One of my favourite ones was:

In the early days the gorilla trek wasn’t as well organised. They use to just go out, and wander around till they found them. This particular time they were in a clearing, and could hear gorillas in the distance, and headed towards them. All of a sudden there was a lot of gorillas in want of a better term ‘screaming’. A whole family came out of the edge of the clearning, and were running towards them. They did the only thing possible, and got up and started running as well. Quickly the Gorillas caught up, and then went past them. About 40m behind them was a swarm of bees. The Gorillas were terrfied of the bees, and not the humans, and were trying to escape.

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