The Giants Causeway

Blustery, Cold, and Beautiful. The West Coast of Ireland delivers

The Giants Causeway

Lets look back a bit into the past. Christmas 2017 I decided it was high time that I went and visited one of brothers and family for Christmas. I’ve never done a winter christmas in my life and it was high time to fix that. Before heading off to family I spent a few days in Dublin which included a couple of day trips.

One place that has always been on my to do list was seeing the Giants Causeway. It’s located up on the Northern Tip within Northern Ireland. So it was going to be a long but interesting day. With it being winter as well, it was cold blustery, and added to the atmosphere to the place.

What is the giants causeway?

It is called the Giant’s Causeway because of a legend about the quarrel between two giant’s called Finn Mac Cool and Benandonner. Benandonner is said to have built a causeway from Scotland to fight with Finn Mac Cool, Finn Mac Cool pretended to be a baby in a pram and his mother told Benandonner that the baby was Finn Mac Cool’s brother Finn Gal. When Benandonner saw how strong the baby was, he thought that Finn Mac Cool would be stronger than him and he ran back across the sea to Scotland, tearing up the causeway as he went. He left in such a hurry that he his boot came off and it is still here today. As well as the boot there are also shapes of a camel and pipe organs in the walls of the cliffs. Ballycastle Info

But technically it’s a bunch of interlocking basalt columns, cause by a Volcanic fissure.

You have to agree, it is a pretty spectacular place.

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