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Oh Auckland. From a city that was so boring I didn’t even know how to cope, to now a city that has grown up. I remember coming here in the 90’s. It was hard to find anything that was open past 5pm. Finding any where that served anything other than Fush and Chups was annoying. For want of a better term it was boring. There were much better places in NZ, and well I didn’t enjoy coming here at all.

Fast forward to now. It’s a lively, fun, happening place, where finding good food, good drinks, and some place with an atmosphere is really easy. It has really grown up. I come to Auckland semi-regular as one of my friends lives here, and his partner. This time was just for a social visit, but keeping to my rule.

What is this ‘rule’. If I visit a place more than once, I have to find somewhere I haven’t been or done and go do it. One of the lovely things about Auckland it is very easy to get out of it, and into nature. Nothing is too far away. Last time I was here I discovered a small eco tour company, who fit into my ethos so well, that I had to go back, and do another tour with them.

Bush and Beach - Wilderness Experience Nature Tour

This tour went to the northwest of Auckland. First stop at Arataki Visitors centre, and finishing up at Piha’s black sand beach. It’s an easy afternoon with a walk in the rain forrest, and checking out the impressive Kauri trees that grow massive, and live for thousands of years. One thing I love is the enthusiasm the guides have for there country. They are well informed, and happy to be there. The enjoyment is obvious, and rubs off quickly on those of the tour.

The rest of my time I spent wandering around Auckland and spending time with my friends. It is a great place to do that, and I came back home well rested once again after an amazing trip away.

Oh occasionally you get that flight plan that takes you over Sydney Harbour on the way home, and I keep forgetting how beautiful the city I call home is.

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