Moroccan Adventure - Mollywood (Ouarzazate)

Stars and Famous Scenes


The first thing that strikes you as you arrive in this city, is how fake it all looks. I don’t mean that in a bad way, but it is very manicured compared to the rest of Morocco. The streets are wide, the roads are well maintained, the street furniture looks great, and generally the buildings are well maintained. You realise very quickly that this is intentional.

You have arrived in the city of dreams. The place where western studios come to, to film, and get that middle eastern vibe. So many famous films and tv series have been filmed here, or close to here. Thats why it looks so familiar, and it’s big business in this place. There are major studio groups, and local home grown ones that do the work for major studios. With Atlas Studios being the biggest of all.

My initial trepidation was everything felt staged. That’s cause it is :) But there are good locations near by, and it was our last night before heading to Marrakesh, and it was fun. It was interesting having brought to life the locations in films that I have enjoyed. I’m not a big film buff, I enjoy watching them, but I’m not obsessed by any means.

The whole of the area is arid, and rocky, and sandy. With the highest pass in the Atlas Mountains on our way to Marrakesh the following day. The path down the mountain looked amazing, but I get car sick so it’s not the most enjoyable ride for me. I love driving winding roads, but not so much a passenger.

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