Moroccan Adventure - Mid & High Atlas Mountains

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M’Goun Valley

The southern part of Morocco is the part you think the whole of Morocco is like. It’s arid, sandy, and with the High Atlas Mountains winding its way through. Christmas Day we spend in the M’Goun Valley which is a quiet, traditional, cold, and beautiful part of the world. The modern world is very much left behind once you drive through some of the beautiful and stunning gorges on the way to our accommodation for the evening.

First stop was Todra Gorge, where the water that flows through it is meant to have healing properties. It’s extremely high in minerals, and people collect water, and bath in it to improve there health. It’s an imposing site, beautiful and peaceful. Walking through it was really relaxing, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The road to our accommodation was winding, as we drove deeper into the Valley. This was our first taste of real cold this trip even though it was winter. By the time we arrive the sun was already gone from the Valley, and the temperature quickly dropped below zero. Luckily where we were to have dinner had a fantastic open fire, and it was a great spot to talk, and laugh with the locals. It was a very traditional evening.

The next day I spent mostly in bed, as well caught a bug that was going around. Missed out on a village walk, however managed to pull myself together long enough to get to have tea with a local family. I always find so much joy in the local interactions, a long way from the tourist trial, and you get to find out what it is really like for local people. I spent today asking our tour guide about his life, and family. It gave me a much better insight into Islamic life, and how people view it. It’s worlds away from the bullshit we are fed from Western Media.

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