Moroccan Adventure - Sahara

The mighty Sahara Desert


This was the part I was waiting for. Being in the southern parts of Morocco it is the way you think all of Morocco looks like. There was little vegetation, and rolling hills. We stopped to get ourselves some headwear. Mainly to protect your face from sand, especially on windy days. Two of us ended up getting the same colour. I just love blue.

We arrived at the hotel to drop off our bags, and pack just for the night. Only two of us had sleeping bags, and it was thing I ended up being very glad about.

Allocated our camels, and holding on for dear life as they stood up. The angle is very steep, I can imagine the less vigilant falling off at that point. Our trek was only an hour, and really it was a walking pace. Sitting on a camel is interesting. The location of the hump the camels motion as it moves doesn’t feel that natural, and to start out with you feel like you will fall off. Very quickly however you start moving with it, and you find you aren’t going to fall at all. It is however very disconcerting to start with.

Arrival at the camp was close to sunset, so it was off the camels (holding on for dear life), and straight up the dune. I thought I was getting fitter, but sheesh I think I almost died trying to get to the top of the sand dune for sunset. To be honest I didn’t make it. I sat 34 of the way up and watched the sunset :)

We were in permanent tents with beds, and lots of blankets. Dinner was simple affair, and in a tent that wouldn’t look out of place at a western wedding reception which made me laugh.

After dinner we sat by the fire, and were entertained by the Berber camel guides with drumming, and singing. It was haunting, and very enjoyable.

Bedtime arrived.

Remember the sleeping bag? Well I was very glad I had mine. The night was freezing, and quickly dropped below zero. I was toasty warm in my -7C bag. The next morning everyone else looked very tired, and cranky. They were so cold. I had bounced out of my tent well rested to the annoyance of others.

On the way back we watched the sun rise, and had breakfast back at the hotel. It was short, but amazing adventure, and very very happy I finally got to spend a night in the Mighty Sahara.

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