Moroccan Adventure - Midelt

Cold, Snow, Mountains, and Fresh Air


Today was a long day on the road, but doesn’t mean it was boring :) Starting off early from Fes the first stop on the way was so unexpected. In the mid atlas mountains there is a ski resort town called Ifrane. What was strange however it wouldn’t look out of place any where in Europe. It had a nice vibe to it, and was a nice first stop of the day.

Fast forward to lunchtime. It was the best meal of the entire trip. Azrou is a service town. It’s at the cross roads of two transport routes, and the main streets consists of shops, and food. With the overriding smell of charcoal in the air. We went to a roadside butcher, and chose what we wanted to eat, and then we went off for a walk while it was prepared over charcoal. I had Kafta balls. They are served to you with fresh bread, and with onions, and the obligatory fruit. I can still taste it as I think about it.

This evenings stop was in the mid atlas mountains at a place called Midelt. We were warned that tonight would be cold, and they weren’t wrong. It dropped below zero. Firstly however we went for a walk out in the community. Through the apple orchards and through peoples farms. It was one of those local interactions that Intrepid do very well. We spent time with the locals, and deeper understanding of how they lived.

I was going to sleep well tonight, and did. Tomorrow we head to the edge of the mighty Sahara.

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