Moroccan Adventure - Chefchaouen - The blue town is very blue

The blue town is very blue


Chefchaouen is both famous, and infamous.

  • It’s one of the most instagrammed cities around the world.
  • It also grows a lot of a certain green weed, and makes it into hash.

The streets are narrow, and built on top of a hill. To get into the old city you need to walk, as the streets are very narrow. After a busy day it was quite tiring but it was worth it.

The place we stayed in remind me of Ali Barber and the 40 thieves. The doors, and the rooms reminded me of that. A sidenote: I was called Ali Barber everywhere. Because of my beard. I actually didn’t mind at all because it was always done with great affection, and fun. The Moroccans seem to have a big smile, and wanted to talk and show you around. It’s an endearing after the no nonsense and just unfriendly behaviour in Casablanca.

At night I wandered around on my own after dinner. I didn’t feel unsafe at all, however within minutes I was being offered the black stuff. I always said no, and they quickly disappeared. A lot of counter culture types from Europe come here to partake, but no way I want to risk being put in a Moroccan prison.

Why Blue?

White apparently attracts insects, and blue tends to stop them from landing. So hence the blue.

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