Moroccan Adventure - Meknes & Volubilis

Exploring the distant past

Meknes / Volubilis

Meknes was an overnight stop, and it was a long day on the road. I was tired, and the jetlag was starting to really sting. However the view from our roof top, and the sound of the call to prayer echoing across while the sun was going down was chilling. Not in a bad way, it hits you from all over, and it’s beautiful. It becomes the soundtrack to the adventure. We visited the gates to the old city (Medina) in the morning, and then went for a walk to stretch our legs. One of the sculptures in the square was the “Water Man”. As you can see below, his middle is empty. The waterman giving of himself to make sure that people had something to drink. Travelling for miles plying his trade. I found it extremely moving and beautiful.

Volubilis quite frankly is one of the most astonishing sites I’ve been to. It’s a Roman / Berber ruin, that dates back to 3rd century BC. To see the mosaics, and large parts intact. Just thinking that there were people living here, and what their lives would of been like that long ago. One of the funny things was, the library had a secret tunnel into the local brothel. “Hi Dear, I’m just going to the Library to study.”

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