Moroccan Adventure - Rabat

Old and modern mixed into one


Rabat is like the polar opposite of Casablanca. It’s the capital city of Morocco, and it has a modern feel, traditional outlook, and actually very pretty. From the original city on the tallest hill over looking the ocean, to the Mausoleum of the previous King Hassan II. It’s a city that creeps up on you, and it’s nice to be in. The main Royal Palace is also here, but as we were to find out the King pretty much has a palace in every major city/town. So after about the 3rd place we visit, you just expect there to be a palace somewhere.

The most surprising thing about Rabat, was the amount of surf clubs there were at the beach front. I’m not sure why I was surprised. I think it’s just the thought of surfing, and the muslim world normally don’t go hand in hand. And someone was quick to point out. What about Indonesia? So it was another stereotype that was smashed in my mind.

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