Moroccan Adventure - Intro & Casablanca

The land of sand and tradition, which shocked me for being green and lush as well

Christmas and the Struggle

Let’s get this out of the way first. It’s not that I dislike Christmas. It’s the fact that I resent being forced to take 2 weeks of leave at the busiest, and most expensive part of the year. Part of my brain just won’t let me waste this time on what ends up being 2 days of seeing family, and being bored absolutely out of my brain.

Why Morocco?

I’m not going to lie, Morocco has been on my radar for a long time. You will probably sigh when you hear why, but it’s true. I love spy, and thriller movies, and a lot of them end up in Morocco at some point. It has always held out this fascination for me, and it was about time I went.

Christmas seemed the perfect time to visit a predominately Muslim country, and not being bombarded by the Jolly man in red. The only time on this trip I saw a Christmas Tree, and that dressed in red bearded tit was in hotel foyers.


So heres looking at you kid

I so wanted to like Casablanca. It’s not an easy place, and to be frank it feels big, loud, and dangerous. It’s basically a shit hole. It’s Moroccos largest city, and service city for the rest of the country. I’m not saying it’s all bad, and it does have some good things to see. But it’s essentially the city you arrive in, and want to leave as quickly as possible.

One of the standouts is definitely the Hassan II Mosque. There is no other word for it than stunning. It is large, it is beautiful, and perched on a peninsula for all the world to see. The inside is something to behold. The ornate work, the windows, the marble, and a massive opening roof will take your breathe away. The only way to see the inside is with a guide. So spend the money because it is very much worth your while.

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