Travelling with Diabetes (Type 2)

Oh look you have stabby things in your bag

I’m a type 2 diabetic, and instantly most people would think that it would be a pain to travel. I don’t really find it that way. You just need to be better prepared.

Before your trip

Make sure you research the locations that you are going to.

  1. I can’t stress this enough! Check with the countries embassy on the process of bringing foreign medication into the country. Most diabetes medications will need you to have a letter or the original prescription from your doctor. This changes all the time, so make sure you are up to date before you leave.

  2. Check what kind of food will be available in the locations that you are planning to visit. A quick check will ease your mind on what traps their may be when choosing food Call the airline as to what their requirements are, concerning needles (if you are insulin dependant) and lancets. This can vary from airline to airline. Some airlines will even store your insulin in the galley fridge for you.

  3. Make sure your travel insurance cover for diabetes. I personally use QBE through Qantas. They are more expensive but they insure type 2 diabetes by default, if you don’t have any eye or kidney issues.

At the Airport

I treat my diabetes medications and equipment the same as the regulations for liquids. I pack them separately and show them to the scanning staff, and customs. Saves you from searching through bags when they ask for them, or letting them think you are trying to hide them.

Generally I find they smile, and just wave you through. I’ve been asked once for the doctors letter, and after they sighted it I was on my way.

At your Destination 

Make sure you follow the same ritual as you do at home. Take your medication on time, drink plenty of water, and keep your fast acting carbohydrates in moderation.

One Last Thing

You are on holidays. Enjoy the damn thing. Don’t stress that every little thing is going to spike you. Just try things in moderation and enjoy the new flavours, and textures that you normally don’t get to eat at home.

Most of all have fun!

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Adam is a middle aged idiot, who explores the world, and generally gets lost. When I'm not doing that I'm wrangling Splunk and Cyber Security for large enterprises.

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