Welcome to whatever this is!

Websites and me just don’t seem to mix.

Every time I attempt to do something, within a matter of days I’ve spent a lot of money, and then abandoned it. The main reason is I’m not a writer. I’m undeniably a tech person. So the concept of setting up a website interests me, but providing content always seems to be that little bit out of reach. This will probably be no different, so I’m warning you now.

This website will probably be abandoned within a few weeks.

So now that is out of the way. I’m not sure what this is, or what it will become. Probably a mishmash of things from all over the sections of my life.

This is a year of change for me, and I won’t be getting to travel as much I would hope to.

So strap in for the ride, and lets see where this goes

Adam Written by:

Adam is a middle aged idiot, who explores the world, and generally gets lost. When I'm not doing that I'm wrangling Splunk and Cyber Security for large enterprises.

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