About me

Totally messed up nut case, who doesn’t know where the hell he is going, and frankly doesn’t care. Grew up in a bogan infested coastal suburb on the east coast of Australia. It has left me with a dysfunctional view of the world that all men look fantastic in either board shorts and/or cotton drill (who doesn’t like a good looking tradie or surfer).

Lost wandering the planet, wondering where I fit in, and not sure if I’ll ever not be on my own. Wants to experience all things I can, and then bitch about not being able to stomach tourist spots!

IT security geek, photographer, and traveller. Introverted and like my free space, but hates to be alone. This causes numerous contradictions as I will quite happily throw myself into a music festival with 70,000 gyrating bodies, but once it’s over, I want them all to go away, and be instantly transported to somewhere cool, and dark.

If you can work me out, you are doing much better than I ever have!

Talk to me, I might bite you one day, and hump your leg the next. Oh and I’m gay.

Adam Written by:

Adam is a middle aged idiot, who explores the world, and generally gets lost. When I'm not doing that I'm wrangling Splunk and Cyber Security for large enterprises.

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