So this is me… I don’t post a lot of public photos on this, but it’s that time a year to say thank you. It’s been a rough year. Started off unemployed, and ended it fighting cancer. But there has been a lot of fun in between. New jobs, new friends, old friends, travel buddies, drinking fiends, and lots of family. New locations, new experiences, better fitness, and spending time with the people I love. So on Xmas eve here in Ireland, I want to say thank you. To those people who always inspire me, to always make me want to travel, to always want to see what this world has to offer. With the hatred, and xenophobia I see, it’s always amazing when you travel and you realise that the large majority of people are no like this. They welcome you into their homes, their lives, with open arms, and show you nothing but love. No matter where they are from, what they believe, and the colour of their skin. It’s a pretty amazing Little Rock that we live on. #xmas #love #2017 #neverstopexploring #neverstoplearning #ireland #wicklow #scenary #<3 #travel #tourist #fun #explore #adventure #wanderlust #wander #lost #wanderingaussie #likealocal #runaway #vacation #iger #holiday #traveller #bear #gay #loner

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