Travel Notes : Waiting in Cancun

There’s that relaxed feeling. 
I’m not a great flyer. It’s a way to get to somewhere I want to go. I’m always glad when the long flights are done for a bit. Yesterday was very stressful for me and my anxiety was through the roof. And the bumpy flight kept me on edge. The long delays didn’t help. 

But now I’m starting to unwind. It’s been a very tough year so far but I’m on the mend and this trip will go along way to restoring me. 

I’ve had maybe 4 hours sleep in the last 2 days and hoping my sleep returns tonight. 

But I’m one hop away from a place that has had me curious a long time and glad I’m getting to go. 

I remember what it is like to be alive and I’m privileged to get to do this. Where lots of people can’t. 

This is me signing off, as I’ll be out of contact the next 7 days 🙂 

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