My Favourite Travel Gear

Every person who travels has there own opinions on travel gear, but this is what works for me.


I’m a big fan of hybrid luggage. Hybrid you say? What the hell is that. I’ll show you what i mean.

I currently get around with a Caribee Fast Track 75. It’s a wheeled backpack, or a travel bag with backpack straps. The one I have is the brand new 2016 model, and they have improved on the design some what.The backpack straps have become a lot more comfortable, as they have increased the padding on them some what to the previous version. Which I find was the biggest complaint about them.

If you are a hardcore backpacker, this isn’t the bag for you, but for those of us they do some adventure travel on the side of normal travel it’s ideal. Most of the time you use the handle and wheels to get around airports, and the like. But those times where you need to carry you luggage you have the flexibility to put in on your back.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Yes I know. First thought its a luxury, but the more international plane journeys you do, the more essential these babies are. Speaking of babies they bring down the cabin noise to a dull roar. That annoying screaming kid gets morphed into the background in an instant.

Current model of choice. Bose QC35’s. These are an update to the QC25’s that you see every where when you travel. I have a pair myself. But I moved up to the latest version when they were released. They are now blue-tooth, a 12hr+ rechargeable battery in them, a decent length cord, and airline seat adaptor for when you want to use the in flight entertainment system.


If you are true audiophile these aren’t for you, but for the every day road warrior they are awesome. They sound great in most situations, and the noise cancelling pretty much cancels out most of the cabin noise. You take them off, and you get a shock at how noisy the plane is.

Travel Wallet

I’ll be the first to admit I have a thing for Bellroy. They are an Australian company that make amazing wallets. The whole idea is to get you from having that ugly lump of leather that has paper, and 20 years of crap hanging out of it. I have more than a thing, I’m obsessed.


My travel buddy is pictured above, and it’s amazing. It fits my passport, additional loyalty cards, my iPhone 6s plus, and long enough to fit a boarding pass that has been folded at the perforation. Oh did I mention the zipper is water resistant as well.

You can find out all about it here.

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