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IT security geek, photographer, and traveller. Introverted and like my free space, but hates to be alone. This causes numerous contradictions as I will quite happily throw myself into a music festival with 70,000 gyrating bodies, but once it’s over, I want them all to go away, and be instantly transported to my bedroom.

There was a bad song in the 80’s that comes to mind when I think of Bali. I, like a lot of my friends have avoided going to there. As soon as I think about it, I’m reminded of my fellow countryman that go to that Indonesian Island on mass, and behave very badly. So here I am, in my 40’s, and never been. I have a friend who has lived there for some time, and he has asked me several times to go and visit. So this time I swallowed my stubbornness, and booked flights to Bali.

As the date comes closer, I’d pretty much talked myself out of going, but I’m so glad I went. Yes there are the crowds, and back packers falling out of every cheap bar, but it’s more than that. There is a peacefulness here, even within the chaos. I remembered what it was like to have a week off, and do very little. Bali is terrific for that.

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  • Exercise every day (even when you don’t want to)
  • Keep your fibre up in your diet (even when you don’t want to)
  • Drink as just as much water as alcohol (even when you don’t want to)
  • Try strange foods, and be adventurous.
  • Sales people, are sales people, are sales people everywhere in the world.
  • Those who come from the coldest climates, complain the most about cold weather (or the window being down on a 35C day on an overland truck)
  • People that can not speak English (on an English tour) are the most un-intentionally funny people.
  • The nickname you don’t like will be the only one that people remember.
  • You can never have enough memory cards.
  • Charge your stuff at every opportunity as you never know when the next time you can will be.
  • When getting out of the tent and shining your torch at 5am, don’t trip over the warthog!
  • When getting out of the tent in the Serengeti don’t freeze up like an idiot when there is two hyenas charging at you.

Time is a precious thing. We neglect it at our peril. I discovered this week that I’m a lot happier when I have a hobby. Something that interests me. What I had forgotten that my inner geek needs to sing. So I’m rebooting this website. In the past

I wanted to turn it into a travel log, but I believe it will become be partly schizophrenic, and take on a life of it’s own.
So I’m not sure what it will be right now. Only thing I know for sure it will be my adventures. What they are, I’m not really sure, but lets see where this goes.